Mauricio Lorca

The three vineyards which provide the grapes for Foster Lorca wines are located in the prestigious Valle de Uco, 100 kilometers (60 miles) south of the center of Mendoza. Valle de Uco is considered world-wide a prime grape-growing region due to its natural qualities. It lies 1,050 to 1,500 meters (3,400 to 4,900 feet) above sea level; the temperature may drop about 25º C (77º F) at night time and it offers an assortment of micro climates that allow the planting of different varieties – each with the specific conditions necessary to develop and reveal their essence.
Careful vineyard management and extensive green harvesting are applied, seeking to produce enough grapes per vine only for one or two bottles. The reduced number of grapes benefit from the concentration of tannins and vitality of the vines until the indicated time for the harvest. The drip irrigation installed uses water from the snow melt of the Andes, thus contributing natural nutrients and minerals to the soil and, ultimately, to the wines.