Jorge Rubio


Our winery is located on the outskirts of General Alvear and currently produces 1.4 million liters per year. We have state-of-the-art winemaking technology, however, essential stages of production, such as; the harvest, the selection of grains and the labeling of our most emblematic lines are still done manually.

In the search for constant innovation, in recent years, we have begun the construction of our own champagne where we make high-end sparkling wines using the traditional method (Champenoise). We also have a small distillery with old French stills for the production of our Signature Cognac and our fortified wines.

The aging cellar where the exclusive wines are stored has 600 French and American oak barrels. We have recently inaugurated a new underground tasting room, next to the barrel room, which is characterized by its impressive solid oak trunk table, unique in the country.

15 years after our foundation, our mission continues to be to produce unforgettable wines that represent our region in the country and in the world, strongly supported by respect for nature and our people. Today we are present in more than 7 countries, among which stand out; China, Denmark and Brazil and we have more than 70 mentions in international contests with more than 90 points

Jorge Alberto Rubio is an Argentine winemaker based in General Alvear, Mendoza province, with more than 40 years dedicated to winemaking. Since 2003, Jorge Rubio designs and produces his wines with his own brand. With the intention of offering the best value for money, today it is present in all latitudes of Argentina as well as in other countries of the region and the world.