Bodegas Berceo


In the XIII Century, a monk and poet named Gonzalo de Berceo lived in La Rioja, in the Monastery of Suso. At that time, the languages spoken in the area were the Arabic and the Basque. Back then, Latin was the only written idiom, hence, the only one considered cultured.

Gonzalo de Berceo was the first to dare to write the first lines in Spanish, in a religious poem that also made mention to wine.
Since then, he has been considered the father of our language and a very important link between our History and our wine culture. This is the reason the Monastery of Suso appears in all Berceo labels.

Bodegas Berceo was founded in 1872, being the oldest winery in the City of Haro, heart of the winemaking area of Rioja, and the only vertical-designed winery from that time that still remains operational.

Berceo is the main and most representative range of Bodegas Berceo. Sold around the world, these wines represent the authentic classic Rioja wine.

DOCa Rioja